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Website Design

As more and more people turn to the internet to shop, do their research, and participate in more varied internet activities, it becomes increasingly important - and lucrative - to have an internet presence. A website in the aesthetic medical market can also be very useful in educating people about services they never knew existed or needed. This means you are reaching a larger market. 

Because MMS knows your market so well, and how to use the internet to create sales for you, you can have a functioning website, complete with text and online marketing, bringing you sales leads within a few weeks. We know what your potential customers like to see and read. We know how to track your website visitors and what the tools are that will motivate them to contact you. By using us for your website design, you will ensure your website is bringing in sales and is not just an un-visited online brochure.  Increase your website presence with Medmarket Solutions.


Website Hosting & Domain Registration

A website needs a domain name (web address) and has to be hosted on a server. MMS provides domain registration and web hosting services to have your site online.

Leave it to us and we will register your domain name and host your website. No extra work for you. One stop for all your website requirements.



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Website design


"I have had experience with web designers having created my site twice previously. Rebuilding my site with Medmarket Solutions has, without doubt, been the most satisfying experience of them all. Organizing the structure and set up of the site was done without pressure and with respect for what I was trying to achieve in the overall appearance of my site. They are also willing to continue to manage my site as and when I need to. I would highly recommend this company for any professional looking to build an attractive and functional website."

Rick Balharry, MD
Canmore MediSpa and Laser Centre