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PROMOTING YOUR PRACTICE- Maximize your promotional dollars

Advertising and promotional activities are an investment to grow your practice. Nevertheless, you want to make the most of your marketing budget. So how do you allocate your limited resources to maximize the outcome?

Consider not only where you are placing your ads but just as importantly, who your prospective client is and what you are trying to say to them. This module will explain how to effectively use advertising, public relations, website, and outreach marketing programs to best advantage for bringing in new patients. Actual examples will be given as well as advice on how to time your promotions, what promotions should look or sound like, and what medium will be the most cost-effective, and why. We will also identify your target market and their purchasing habits so you can make best use of your advertising dollars.

Specifically we will address:


Layouts, Where to advertise, How often, When, Measuring your advertising effectiveness

Other Promotional Tools

Seminars and open houses, direct mail, referrals, websites, press releases

Public relations and outreach program for minimum cost

Plan on 2-4 hours for this session.


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