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CONVERT CLIENT CONSULTATIONS - Increase your conversion rates

  • Directly improve your conversation rates
  • Learn skills and strategies for you and your staff to
    successfully handle price objections
  • Offer effective ways to 'close' a client
  • And other proven strategies.

The session is interactive and utilizes both role-playing and computer based simulations. Providing the participants with both scripted guidelines and general principles on how to progress with the client, they will be able to book more appointment for the procedure. A role-playing exercise will be held at the conclusion of the session, so the participants can take what they learned and put it into practice. A final critique closes out the class.

Depending upon how many people you select to participate in this training, you can estimate 3- 4 hours.

Article from Clarion Newsletter - Fall

Perfecting The Consultation Process In Your Clinic

As physicians or clinicians, you have had plenty experience in conducting consultations.

In a general practice, due to the current environment of time pressures, you are required to make your assessments rapidly. In order to ensure the consultation is completed within 5 to 10 minutes, many physicians use closed ended questions that anchor a method of thinking. Although this may be effective in order to ensure a timely consultation, when physicians transition into a private practice, specifically an aesthetic practice, this method does not always produce the desired results....

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